Our prepared foods deli

We do our best to serve high quality Organic ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible

Lunch and Dinner Menu - TO-Go   

*Indoor and outdoor seating is available- Help yourself


served with side salad or veggies


Beef Burger- 

Local grass fed beef, with all the fixings, served on lofty french bread

Chicken sausage and Peppers

Sausage and sauteed peppers, onions, and mushrooms with cheese on French bread


Thick cut Bacon, mixed greens, Tomato, mircrogreens, and your choice of cheese on wheat bread


Grilled Wraps-

Spinach, tomato, or flour

*served wiith side salad or veggie


Spinach Artichoke-

Spinach, artichoke, aged parmesean, red peppers 

Chicken Bacon-

Chicken sausage, Bacon, Sauteed onion and pepper, with melted cheese

Hummus and veggie-

Hummus, mixed greens, cucumber, zuchinni, microgreens, rainbow peppers, sunflower seeds, and artichoke

Mushroom Medly

Balsamic marinated mushroom of the day, with fresh motz or blue cheese, tomato, and mixed greens

Turkey and Cheese

A simple mix of turkey, cheese, greens, tomato, and onion


Fresh Mptz, tomato, basil, mixed greens with balsamic and olive oil

The kicker

Mixed and Micro greens, with artichoke,, raw minced purple garlic, and radish slices with blue cheese or feta.

Build your own wrap- $9.50




A simple mix of greens, tomato, onion, cucumber



Fresh motz, tomato, and basil from the garden over a bed of greens; served with balsamic vinegar



A bed of greens with peppers, onion, zuchinni, cucumber, artichoke, microgreens, sunflower seeds and blue cheese, feta, aged parm, or cheddar


Kids menu-

served with organic juice pouch and fresh fruit or veggie snack cup


Grilled Pb&J

Grilled PB&banana

Grilled cheese

hot dog 



Hummus wrap with lettuce tomato and cucumber

Beef slider

A variety of seltzers, sodas, waters, juices, and teas are available.



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