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The Craftsman's Market


Our craftsman's market is full of our absolute favorite handmade, healthy products! We do our best to stock items made by proud small business, who's families directly benefit from each and every sale.  We vet each vendor to insure they meet our 'responsible entrepreneur' requirements.  Maker's society hosts Artists, skilled craftsman, homesteaders, farmers, health and wellness pros, and other unique entrepreneurs who complete this one stop-roadside shop.  From daily necessities, to gifts, gemstones, and home decor, Makers has brought you all of our favorite sustainable products  for every day living in Maine, made by those who know how to do it best-Mainers.

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Pop up shops!

Keep your eyes open for occassional pop up booths out in front of the store, Artists, farmers, and folks in between are excited to be joining us for the fun, to spread the word about their small businesses!  Follow us on facebook or instagram, to keep in the loop about open music jams, workshops and demos, and special events happening here at Makers.

Each Tuesday and Wednesday, you can find Denise from Silverton foods and BBQ bar serving up an epic BBQ spread out of her hand built mobile kitchen!!  Her menu is drool worthy- and includes a revolving stock of all the classics, smothered in a variety of homemade sauces!  Ask Denise about her fantastic Maine Adventures and lodging options with Silverton Ranch, to complete your backwoods Maine excursion! as well!!  She is dishing out a whole lot more then food- she's got that food for the soul!

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